Astra Vs OceanWP | 2 Awesome WordPress Themes Compared [2021]

astra vs oceanwp

If you’re planning on doing online business using the best WordPress for more convenience, you surely came across the Astra Vs OceanWP themes and got confused. Therefore, Astra and OceanWP are the two most famous WP themes on the online platform.

Moreover, Astra and OceanWP provide you high-end website designs, with the availabilities of customization, and website plugins support. Both WP themes are free to use and download in your WordPress themes directory. However, the premium features, plugins, and other additional functionalities are not usable in the free version.

There are many specification reviews about the high-quality Astra and OceanWP. Further, after looking through those reviews the common question is: How to Compare the 2 Famous WordPress Themes and Find The Best One?

Now, we’ll learn deeply about Astra and OceanWP, and we’ll know the efficiency of these themes as well.

Which One Is The Best Theme in Between Astra & OceanWP?

To be honest, for most of the normal WordPress users it’s rather hard to distinguish Astra and OceanWP from each other.

So, be sure to see through the full review of Astra and OceanWP for learning detailed analysis of the two best WP themes.

Comparison On Prebuilt Designs – Astra Vs OceanWP

Now, we’ll see about the most highlighted features of Astra and OceanWP are the in-built, professional, and high-end premade theme designs. Thereby, Astra refers to its more than 70 prebuilt designs as the Started Sites. On the other hand, OceanWP calls its 73+ designs the Theme Demos.

However, Astra only offers 35 (half of the prebuilt designs) designs to the free users, and the OceanWP offers only 13 (less than Astra) premade designs.

Well, the quantity of Designs is mostly subjective, it is quality that matters more. Therefore, through our research, we assume that Astra provides a bit better quality designs than the OceanWP theme. Also, Astra avails a wide range of individual varieties of premade designs.

Moreover, the Astra theme is renowned by the Google SE to be the AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) WP Themes. AMP is an open-source HTML-CSS Framework avails you to make your website’s pages fast-loading and user-friendly. Amazingly, Google itself promotes the Astra AMP WordPress designs, and the high-end coding testament.

Of course, quality is designs are always crucial and sensible for the website. Then again customizable theme designs are another thing that matters the most to website owners.

Regarding that, OceanWP and Astra themes allow you to customize your WP theme, so you can edit or built any designs and preview the changes. Thereby, in this case, OceanWP wins over Astra.

As OceanWP helps you customize more sections and parts of your designs and many featuring settings. Whereas the Astra theme is a bit lacking.

Just with the designs, it is quite hard for you to pick a proper excelling one from Astra and OceanWP. So, let’s narrow it down like this-

  • The quality of the premade designs provided by Astra is more high-end.
  • Both Astra and OceanWP themes offer more than 70 pre-built templates/designs. But, the OceanWP theme gives only 13 for free usage, whereas Astra offers 35+.
  • OceanWP provides you more features and functionalities for build and customizes purpose in your WP site.

Generally, it’s better if you check out the free website designs from both Astra and OceanWP. After that, you can select the ones you like, download them to try out, and make a shortlist if the design meets your necessity.

In That Case, Both Are Tie (No Winner)

Ultimate WordPress Features & Settings of Astra and OceanWP

Both of these WordPress themes avail you of many high-quality features to let you build a fantastic website. Therefore, Astra and OceanWP consist of WooCommerce optimization support for fast-speed loading websites. Also the native SEO supportive code and enabling Drag and Drop tool of page builder.

Further, both themes enable you with a ready to translate feature. It also offers you right to left change languages for example Arabic, Hebrew, and Persian.

Well, you can see that as ideal WordPress themes with necessary features Astra and OceanWP are quite identical. But, the highlighted developers’ features are a bit different.

As you know Astra enlightens the fact that this theme was developed with action hooks and filters in the markup code to let the builder make websites mode easily. Astra also claims that no JQuery was added in the theme, it’ll only need 50KB data to load the site.

On the other hand, the OceanWP developers concentrate more on the Market Leading WooCommerce Integration. The function contains the navigating Pop-up interface for your shopping cart, the Add to Cart floating bar, and the In a Hurry-up view option for your contents.

When it’s about the important WordPress functions and features there are hardly any individualities between Astra and OceanWP. But, about getting more control over every hook and cranny on your websites then OceanWP is better.

The WP Astra theme designs and options page is simply a landing page that leads you to the WP theme customizer. Also, the plugins extensions, theme builder, useful web design links (Astra Documentation and Group Details) are downloadable as well. Inside the documentation page, everything is a useful link about themes features, customization, and other options.

We, very much love the WordPress theme customizer system as it lets us create any changes and build a unique website while seeing how the changes are made in a real-time preview. To be efficient Astra also allows you to build your website however OceanWP lets you achieve better options.

Contrary to Astra, OceanWP provides more promising theme settings functions. As well as additional options within the WP theme customizer ( this includes within the Ocean extra activation).

In the top level of the OceanWP main theme panel, you can easily enable or disable the available settings and sections in the customizer. Therefore, under the section, there are link buttons for website settings in the theme customizer. For example a link for uploading your site’s logo and editing the header section.

As well you will get an integrations segment is present in this area, the list ID fields and API are provided for MailChimp after activating your theme. But, there will be other settings visible while you integrate the OceanWP plugins extensions.

Thereby, OceanWP contains a Library page of templates you built. For that, we think that it one of the most useful functions for website owners. In this feature, you can add the templates in posts and webpages via shortcodes. Like you can build a template to use in the newsletter and afterward also add it in the web posts.

Another amazing feature is that the importer and the exporter are included inside the OceanWP settings. Well, it is also available in the free Astra plugins extensions. One more handy setting is the Scripts and Styles Panel in OceanWP. In this panel, you can easily enable or disable additional JavaScript and CSS that you used for enhancing website design.

Regarding the features, Astra and OceanWP both avail some quality features for helping users to build more gracious WordPress websites. Therefore, just like the Divi multipurpose theme both contain drag and top page builders from WooCommerce.

In the case of creating a modern and high-Ned WordPress site, you can get it right from any WP theme. But, without a doubt, OceanWP provides more convenient customization options than Astra.

So, in WP Settings and Features comparison OceanWP Wins.

Free In-built & Additional Plugins Extensions

You can easily install plugin extensions in OceanWP and Astra for adding more functions to your online site. There you’ll get 9 extensions for free that are actively usable in Astra at this moment (down to 12).

Among the 9, 4 of them are precisely for Astra, three of them are for Import/Export Customizer settings,  customizer reset in Astra, and, lastly to improve theme, The Customizer Search. Also, Astra Bulk Edit is unable to edit the meta information of the posts and pages at the same time which is very useful.

Well, as we know the necessity of the original version of the Astra lightweight theme, and the plugins adding to your website’s backend will lessen the fast load. So, we prefer you to integrate the plugins directly in the Astra rather than plugins extensions after activations.

The left free 5 plugins are not precisely for Astra as they’re developed by Brainstorm Force ( Astra Developers). Well, these plugins are only added to aid the Astra Products promotion. Again, the Astra Widgets is the free widgets plugin for adding widgets for lists, Social media Profiles, and Web addresses. Even though its name is related to Astra themes, one can simply use this with other WordPress themes. Plugins are like – Custom TypeKit, Sidebar Manager, Custom Fonts, Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg.

On the other case, after the OceanWP is activated in your WP site, you’ll get a message recommending you to install Ocean Extra, WPForms, and Elementor. Note that, these are more likely required plugins. Without activating the Ocean Extra you cannot process the OceanWP wizard setup or the main theme control panel. These plugins insert the meta boxes, builder, importer, exporter, and many more functions.

Well, it is a bit weird that they split the settings and features through plugins. Since all the features and functionalities should be integrated within the OceanWP original core theme.

You will take a look at the OceanWP official extensions page to check out the 21 plugins. Therefore, 8 of the plugins are free however the Ocean Demo Import functionality is in the OceanWP extra and also essential one. Now we’re down with 6 extra free plugins.

  • The Stick Anything avails you add/ stick anything with a webpage
  • Modal Window is used to add modal windows in the blog posts
  • Posts Slider works as highlighting the posts in the sliders

Then the other free plugins extensions are such as social media share plugin Product Sharing/ Social Sharing, and sidebar manage plugin Custom Plugin.

As for the Astra theme, we know that most of the features of these free plugin extensions can be added to integrate into the main theme. Also, you can enable and disable the plugins from the main theme panel options anytime.

In the case of Free Plugins Extensions, none of the Astra and OceanWP get ahead then the other one as a winner. Both of the WP themes provide plugins that are highly essential that are recommended to be integrated within the theme. As well, Astra also promotes some useful plugins from the developers that are not designed for functioning with the theme.

Neither Are The Winners

Comparing the Free Versions of Astra and OceanWP Themes

We previously knew that there is a free version of Astra and OceanWP available for everyone without having to buy the premium version/extensions. Thereby, the free version of the two themes is known as the Core versions in WordPress.

The free WordPress users usually use the Core Version of the themes, once they do not have the will or budget to buy the premium version. Then, how can be the Astra and OceanWP free versions compared?

Well, we already know that both of the WP themes contain a lot of similar features and functionalities. For example, fast loading page, WordPress Theme Customizer, WooCommerce Functions, and so on.

Both of these WP themes also provide some premade website designs. We also told you that the quality of the prebuild designs offered by both themes are amazing (though Astra was slightly less excellent for us than OceanWP)

After gathering some points of view, Astra is without a doubt provides more offering of 35 free themes demos whereas OceanWP gives 13 free themes demos available. But, ocean WP avails you more featuring options in the WordPress theme builder or customizer.

Although OceanWP lacks begins for a few factors.

The first thing is the installation procedure of the OceanWP like which needs to get revisited by its developers. Another thing is that a message pops up right after the activation saying Ocean Extra is a highly recommended plugin.

Also, the recommendation seems to be optional but if the users skip it, they won’t be able to access the setup wizard, or main theme options panel or import the demos/templates.

Here rises a bigger issue, that is why OceanWP demos are assembled. It only avails your 13 free demi designs while the Astra gives away free demos. Therefore, the issue with the OceanWP is that if you want properly use the free themes you’ll need to use at least one of the premium plugins extensions. Also, without the plugin extension, you will not be able to create or change designs at all.

Further, the amount of options and features available in the WP theme customer section of the OceanWP theme is fascinating. However, when it comes to the implementation, this theme contains a systematic fake in it. In case you’d like to try out the OceanWP free theme demos, you’ll either need to be satisfied with the missing portion or buy one premium extension.

That’s why due to this fundamental issue Astra is the better option if you want to use it for free.

So Winner for the Free Version is Astra.

Premium Plugin, Core Extensions & Modules of Astra and OceanWP

Till now, we were concentrating more on what we will be getting from the Core/ Original version of OceanWP and Astra. For both themes, the core versions/extensions are free to download, install, and use for WordPress customers.

However, it’s quite essential to keep in mind that Astra and OceanWP are more like freemium themes, and to keep up with the business, developers depend on selling premium plugins and modules.

Therefore, you can unlock the whole potential extensions by upgrading from free to Astra Pro/ OceanWP Core Extension Premium Bundle. Also, you will achieve complete access to all premium products. So, let’s get to learn more about the premium extensions and modules of the two themes.

Total 18 modules are included in the Astra Pro version. You don’t need to purchase each separately. Rather than that, all the modules will be available for you after you buy a license of Astra premium pro.

To be precise the modules in Astra Pro include Blog Pro, Spacing, Typography, Mobile Header, NAV Menu, Sticky Header, Page Header, Colors & Background, Custom Layouts, Site Layouts, WooCommerce, Footer Widgets, Easy Digital Download, Scroll to Top, LearnDash, White Label, and lastly the LifterLMS.

Now, you see that Astra Pro highly improves the theme by including more featuring options and customizing tools to the WP theme Builder. (Not to mention these features are bluntly missing from the free Astra)

Moreover, bundle modules like Custom Layouts, Page Header, Blog Pro, and Site Layouts avails you with more convenient procedures for building high-end, unique website layouts. The Astra Pro premium version also provides some helpful modules for WP web design agencies and companies. As well the White label module is usable for rebranding Astra demos as your own. Again the WooCommerce, LearnDash, and so on assist you to integrate third-party plugins and Astra.

Here comes the 13 Premium Plugins Extensions offered by OceanWP, and you can purchase these either as a bundle or separately. The bundle extensions are Cookie Notice, Instagram, Popup Login, Full Screen, Woo Popup, Ocean Hooks, Sticky Header, Sticky Footer, Footer Callout, Portfolio, and Elementor Widgets

Some of the OceanWP premium modules let you change the website layouts, such as Sticky Footer, Sticky Header, Side Panel, and Footer Callout. These are identical with Astra Pro but in Astra, you’ll also Find White Labelling extension.

Furthermore, the Portfolio extension is high-end for the building or customizing process. Then again you can simply make portfolios via Shortcodes and edit the style in the WP theme customizer.

Most of the extensions from the OceanWP Premium Bundle are helpful, but these aren’t very standing out for a specific purpose. As you can see the Instagram and Cookie Notice plugins are useful, but you’ll get many replacement plugins in the WordPress plugins store for free.

The best extensions are the ones that integrate many additional Elementor Widgets to help you enhance the visual of your content. Regarding that, OceanWP does the job properly using other drag and drop page builders. However, it’s not wondering that during the installation procedure Element or Plugin Extension is recommended as well.

As you compare the premium extensions and modules of both Astra and OceanWP on a regular usage basis, you’ll feel that Astra pro offers more and specific plugins extensions. Well, at some point it’s not fair to say that Astra Pro is leading more than OceanWP when it comes to premium extensions.

As OceanWP Falls Behind in This Comparison, the Winner is Astra

Astra VS OceanWP Pricing – Which One is The Best Budget WordPress Themes?

Astra Pro Pricing

We know that Astra and OceanWP are usable for free, though while you go with the free version you won’t get access to all the demos and features. There are many helpful functionalities and settings in the premium extensions and modules bundle you’ll miss out on as well.

Therefore, we understand the reason for the website owners for preferring the Astra and OceanWP free versions. But, we will encourage you all to consider getting the premium versions as the budget is quite fair.

The Astra Pro aka Premium Astra costs only $59 a year. This will allow you will all access to the Pro modules, premium updates and developers support for all your website for a year.

In case you want to try the mini agency bundle at $169, you will get access to more and all 70 starter sites, and theme designs. Also, you will get their portfolio plugin, and you can choose any of the Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder or Elementor.

If you are still looking for more than another agency bundle is available for $249, which provides you the ultimate access to more premium plugins from the developer’s Brainstorm Force. Moreover, all the plans include a 14-day money return guarantee.

OceanWP Core Extensions Bundle Budget

With a different perspective, the OceanWP lets users buy the premium extensions as piece by piece, unlike Astra. Premium OceanWP all Extensions are conveniently cost $9.99 per year however without a second thought most WP theme users will go for the OceanWP Core Modules and Extensions bundles rather than an individual plugin. As well the bundle provides economy for money.

Thereby, every single bundle plan includes the same functionality, and that is you will gain 12 months of the update, developers’ support, and unlimited access to the plugin extensions. Again you can also get access to all the premium demos and designs

One website license of OceanWP costs $39 and the three websites license retails only $79. Further, for the unlimited websites, the license charges $129. Furthermore, you will get a 14-day money return guarantee with each purchase plan.

As you can see, the premium purchase plans for both Astra and OceanWP theme give amazing budgeting value.

While you buy the Astra Pro license, you will get all features/ plugins, theme updates, and supports to do an unlimited amount of WP sites. But, you just need to upgrade to the max cost plans for getting access to all theme designs and demos. Along with premium demos, you will also gain some bonus Brainstorm Force plugin extensions.

In conclusion, buying an OceanWP premium plan will provide you with premium theme demos and plugins modules. Even though you will still need to give away some more penny to avail additional updates, supports, and so on for your websites.

At $39 for one WP site license, OceanWP has the minimum price range, and this plan unveils all these functionalities and features. But, tiny agencies and long-term web design companies may prefer Astra Pro more as there is no restriction on the number of websites.

So, Both Themes Are Winner As The Best Budget WP Themes – TIE.

frequently asked questions

Ans: Not at all, you can simply work with both the pro and core version of Elementor Pro Builder. Further, in case you are thinking about needing Astra Pro for Elementor Pro then it’s that you don’t need to purchase Astra Pro as it is available for free users.

Ans: Well, we cannot certainly take one name to be the best theme as each theme consist of high-quality and unique functionalities for building a perfect Website.

Ans: Certainly, it is a bit debating to say Astra is faster than OceanWP as you could see in the comparison above that both were a tie. So, when it comes to fast-loading speed and visual of website both WordPress themes are remarkable.

Ans: Well, we prefer you to compare the functionalities, features, and user ability of both OceanWP, and Astra. Afterward, you can check out the pricing plans regarding which suits you the best and you’ll know which one shall you buy for a building site.

Ans: Aster and the OceanWP are both free and premium for WordPress website builders. Thereby, you can only make use of some limited resources of the themes in your website and to get full access you’ll require to buy the Pro version.

Conclusion of Astra Vs OceanWP themes

In this comparison review of Astra Vs OceanWP, we helped you acknowledge that both of the amazing WP themes contain many fantastic features and some convenient upgrade functionalities.

Since the free demos of OceanWP need at least one premium plugin module/ extensions to operate precisely, we think that Astra is a bit better choice for the free version. Further, you will be able to achieve more theme designs, demos, and templates as well. On the contrary, these issues will get nullified if you get the OceanWP Premium Core Extensions Bundle.

More likely, the free core version of OceanWP provides you with so many customization features and options than the Astra theme. That’s why in Cass the theme customization is essential for you, OceanWP should be the perfect choice for you. Additionally, these comparisons aren’t much valid if you’re thinking about switching to Astra Pro. As well that includes many more extra designs, templates, and layout options.

So, we recommend you all that is to download, install and try out both themes thoroughly to understand practically what these themes provide the users.