Flatsome Review – Best WordPress Theme for Online Ecommerce Sites

Flatsome Review

If you’re planning on building an eCommerce shop online and searching for the WordPress themes for it. Then the Flatsome WordPress theme is the best option out there with high-customizing functions in WP. Flatsome review here will provide you all the comprehensive details you need to know for building your online shop.

Flatsome theme is an amazing and highly optimized theme that is mainly developed for designing eCommerce sites in WordPress. Therefore, Flatsome includes fantastic customizability and user-friendly visual editor conviviality. In that way, it avails the users to design and arrange the page posts, and all over the whole site in the front end of your WP site.

Further, it includes amazing features and functions using the WooCommerce plugin and so on for easier accessibility and site management. So, find out more about this great WordPress Theme to decide whether it’s perfect for your online eCommerce shop through our Flatsome Reviews.

Flatsome theme rating

What is Flatsome WordPress Theme?

Flatsome theme is one of the most famous and top-rated WP themes which is created and developed by the UX Themes. This theme is already so popular that it reached over 157,000 sales in the best WordPress themes platform of Themeforest.

As we know the prime purpose of the UX Themes is to develop amazing themes that are quite simple to work with and customize. Regardless you know additional theme customizing codes or not, you’ll find it very compatible.

The new upgraded version of the popular Flatsome is the 3.13 version. It is the rebuild version of 3.0, with more convenient options and functionalities, making it more user friendly. Therefore, since it can smoothly integrate with WooCommerce and plugins it is perfect for e-shop sites. Lastly, the Flatsome theme is a multipurpose online site theme that is perfect for a variety of websites.

Flatsome Multi-Purpose Responsive WooCommerce Theme

Ultimate Features of Flatsome – Flatsome Theme Review

Well, you already know that the latest 3.1 version of Flatsome consists of a variety of unique functionalities and features. Moreover, the amazing features make it stand out and likable even more. So, let’s know about the high-end key features of the Flatsome WordPress theme review.

Flatsome theme review

Documentation and Support

You’ll find a wide amount of documentation accessible for the Flatsome theme. Therefore, you can avail of it from the WP dashboard very easily. Go to the Flatsome then enter the Help & Guides. Afterward, you will obtain Flatsome theme documentation & support which are very helpful to set up the template and so on.

Well, general documentation is accessible on the UX theme website. Also, you’ll get articles and tutorials for setting up your WP theme, layout, configuring options, and also figuring and troubleshooting all issues.

Further, for Flatsome theme Support Flatsome, you will get access to personal developer support for 6 months. After you purchase the theme, it will avail you of private mail support from the professional developer.

Flatsome Theme Demos

Since Flatsome is a multipurpose theme, it provides a lot of pre-made Flatsome theme demo, predefined templates, and child themes with many settings and features. The demo themes are some examples that will help you know more about customization easily. Also, you can edit or arrange headers, fonts, styles, color in it with the theme options panel.

Moreover, you will be able to easily develop your child theme or Flatsome Demo theme by simply modifying many features and functions to build your site.

flatsome demo content

Theme Designs & Templates

Flatsome is mainly developed for easily integrating with WooCommerce and process your eCommerce online shop. However, that doesn’t end at it, this theme is also appropriate as a multipurpose WordPress Theme. Therefore, it provides a fantastic, responsive, and high-standard interface. You can customize every bit of the site, its features, and its visual behavior on any device.

Moreover, the UX theme has created a Flatsome theme with many templates to particularly gain visitors’ attention in your eCommerce shop. Regardless of any theme or template you are using, everything is ready with many customization features with various concepts.

Flatsome theme design

Speed Optimization And Performance

Flatsome theme is mostly popular for its ultra-high performance or the fastest multi-purpose theme on ThemeForest and Google. All the demo themes, templates, and elements of this theme are developed with a lightweight JavaScript and CSS framework.

Moreover, all the images and animations effects inside it include smart-lazy loading and high-performance speed. Even many performance tests proved its 99% page speed, for using any themes, elements, or templates.

Flatsome Speed Optimization

SEO Friendly Theme

While building this high-performance theme UX Theme highly focused SEO best implementation. Therefore, it practically follows the W3C validation design for assuring the highest SEO Performance. So, users of Flatsome will not need to make any procedures to customize the site for SEO compatibility.

Further, the users will get maximum optimization hints to lessen the hassle of making the site SEO friendly very easily.

Flatsome Elements

Flatsome WordPress eCommerce theme includes a bunch of elements and individual functionalities. This top-rated theme’s extensive element library consists of everything you will require for building a high-optimized site.

Therefore, you do not need backend code edits or any extra coding for building any functions in your site. Each of the elements of Flatsome is developed to make it compatible with not only various kinds of the site but also many e-shops without any efforts. All you need to do is select the element and template according to your site’s content with a few clicks.

Flatsome Plugins

This is an amazing e-shop theme that provides a large amount of individual featured plugins to help you build an incredible and successful eCommerce-shop. Thereby, the plugins will allow the users to utilize the templates and elements with many customizing options.

Further, some of the plugins that will available the accessibility of many templates are:

  • Ninja Forms Contact Form
  • Nextend Facebook Social Login/ Connect
  • Regenerate Thumbnails
  • Integrate WooCommerce
  • Taxonomy Info Metadata
  • WP Instagram Photos Widget
  • WooSidebars Developer
  • YITH WooCommerce Wishlist
  • Ajax Live Search

Live Page Builder

The high aspect of the Flatsome theme is the Revolutionary and Responsive front-end page builder. It is unexpectedly very convenient and user friendly to use the live page builder feature. Moreover, the page builder contains a big amount of element libraries to develop anything you desire.

When you install and set up the template, and plugins you will get lots of elements accessible for you. Therefore, some of the elements webpages, portfolio or testimonial sliders, images, info-table, animation button, scroll up/down, headings, sections, and so on. All the individual elements will help you create and customize your site thoroughly.

Further, the live page builder will let the theme customizer check out the result while making a single change to the site. Thereby, users won’t need to set up extra plugins for extra elements or functions. So, the live page build facility will let you design any configuration or visuals of your eCommerce site.

Flatsome UX builder

The UX Builder of the Flatsome themes is the frontend page builder, which is very easy and simple to use for building a webpage. While you are working on building your webpages, with the guide of UX builder, all you need to do is choose the elements and layouts. Then you will simply click on the layout and drag & drop it on the page you are building.

Further, the frontend UX builder will precisely process the way you want to design and optimize your e-shop to be. Also, this builder will not require any additional codes or complex edits at all.

So, you don’t need to be a much of knowledge-full person to build your site and contents in WordPress with Flatsome-UX-Builder.

Well UX builder technically the live page builder with additional code-less editing features. The live page will let you check out the changes you update every time on the site. On the other hand, the UX builder will make sure you can build your site flawlessly and passionately without any problems.

The UX builder will avail you of more than 36+ content elements from the advanced studio, even some general user-friendly content elements. So, without any error, you can simply build your online shop to your heart’s desire.

Parallax effect

The parallax movement effect is a web design feature that makes the content in the foreground scroll faster. On the other hand, the content in the background moves much slower than the foreground. While this effect is enabled in your Flatsome theme. The visual of your e-shop will make an amazing feeling of movement and intensity. That will provide your site a gorgeous and professional appearance.

Further, using the Flatsome theme, you can avail of a fantastic parallax effect in your content. That will give your eCommerce website some standing out attractions than other websites. Moreover, you can the parallax scrolling effect on your homepage for customers to get a smooth start-up feeling. Also in banners, in columns, in subsections, in-video button, in the textbox, and so on.

Flatsome Studio – Advanced Feature of Flatsome WooCommerce Theme Option

Flatsome Studio is the latest option of theme option of the 3.1 version of Flatsome Theme Review. This advanced feature is highly flexible for creating unique header designs, and in-built designs, and so on. Therefore, the upgraded theme option is easily accessible and you can disable it from the theme panel while not in use. Also, you can easily load the options into the theme panel externally as it is not straining onto the theme.

With the studio mode, you can easily customize your site’s navigation functions and visuals in the frontend and backend. So, first, go to the Edit UX Builder option to launch it open. After starting it, now you must enable the Flatsome Studio Mode by going to the Add Element, which is on the left of the UX Builder Settings button. Now, you’ll see the Flatsome Studio button, click on it, and the studio mode will enable.

Therefore, you can import some additional elements you require for your site, you can also preview before importing. Then start and update the import in the UX Builder.

Moreover, you can also access the Flatsome Studio on each page, post, and other sections. Also, it will ensure the overwriting of UX builder with Flatsome studio by blocking it. So, right after enabling the settings of Flatsome Studio follow the steps below:

Flatsome studio

Before all that you must first ensure if the Flatsome Studio is enable or not.

  1. Go to the SettingsEnter into the Flatsome
  2. Click on the Advanced
  3. Select the Integrations
  4. Lastly, check if there is a blue sign in the box of “ Enable access to Flatsome Studio in UX Builder”.

Steps to Access Flatsome Studio:

  • Click on the “ +Add to content” or plus sign (“+”) from the top left section of the editing page of content.
  • Now select the “ Flatsome Studio” button or you can refresh the content to see the button in the builder.
  • Afterward, you can import elements and layouts and add them to your page contents to make them more unique.

Additional Other Features of Flatsome

Well, the Flatsome WooCommerce Integrated theme contains endless features and functionalities. We already discussed the main key features of the Flatsome Review however, we still need to learn some more about other essential features of the Flatsome theme.

  • Optimize WooCommerce Product Page Builder
  • Thousand+ Google Text Fonts Available
  • WP Multilingual Support
  • Demo Product Customer Showcase
  • Mobile Responsive Site Design
  • Unlimited Footer Menu Bar Options
  • Built-in Image & Banner Slider
  • Drag & Drop Grid Products & Images
  • Full Typography & Font Control without Codes
  • Reproductive Image Lazy Loading Fast
  • Unlimited Options for Product Page
  • YITH My Account Page
  • Demo Content and Childs Themes Available
  • Quick add to cart option
  • Rich snippets properly optimized

Woocommerce Integration

To run an online e-shop with a WordPress website, are you will use WooCommerce to run the back-end of the store. WooCommerce is a free plugin that is built precisely for WordPress sites to operate online sites for selling products.

WooCommerce is a free plugin precisely for controlling online e-sites. Therefore the WooCommerce integration helps you build optimized products and categories. Moreover, for the WordPress Themes that are built to be compatible with WooCommerce, Flatsome is known to be the top-selling WooCommerce integrated theme.

Flatsome woocommerce plugin

The Flatsome theme has a full guide to set up and use the WooCommerce plugin on your website. While you are building your site you can set up this as well. Therefore, you will not require any additional charges for products or shop details view as you’ll customize it all in one go.

Along with this, you can welcome the visitors with a product demo view option on your homepage. Also with this feature, they can view all the details of the products without having to enter each product webpage. Besides, it will help the customers save time and keep away from other loading hassles. Lastly, they will love this WooCommerce integration in your site and will always visit and buy from the site.

Pros vs Cons of The Flatsome WP Theme

As we already went through the general features, and characteristics of Flatsome, we should take some notes about the pros and cons. So before getting a Flatsome WordPress theme for your eCommerce online shop check out below:


  • The first benefit of the Flatsome theme that it is SEO-Friendly, you don’t have to go through other means for optimizing it. That way you can easily make a great impression in Google Search Engine and rank without much hardship.
  • Providing a live page builder/ UX builder feature is wonderful for setting up everything on your site without any knowledge of coding.
  • Advanced theme studio is developed for amazing and delightful visual navigation so anyone who comes across your e-shop will be happy to go through it properly.
  • The CSS / JavaScript animation and parallax effects for smooth scroll movement are quite attractive and high-end.
  • Users will always enjoy free updates and new features from Flatsome for a lifetime.
  • The UX Drag / Drop Builder will help you create sliders and banners, also set up these in any content.
  • Free 24×7 help-support along with essential theme documentation & support from UX themes Flatsome.
  • You will get to avail library of free templates and pre-created designs that you can utilize in your site and save time.


  • In case you decide to change the theme, later on, then all the replacements will take a lot of time. You will also need to get more content elements, modify a lot of Studio options, and add more convenient plugins.
  • You will only get 6 months of developer support after the purchase.

Flatsome Pricing and Plans

You can get the site license for Flatsome for only $59. After activating this theme you can customize and use page UX builders, Header/ Section builders, Site & Page Building Options, tons of design templates, and website elements.

The functions and features you avail with the Flatsome theme can enhance your site’s rank to the top. Also, you will get highly targeted traffic clicks, and customers will be continuously frequenting your site. Moreover, this will increase the sales and profit of your business to the max. So it is pretty much a beneficial investment to get success in your WooCommerce online business.


You can simply use the Flatsome theme and it’s high-tech features and services for free. However, the features you’ll avail of from the free version are limited whereas the paid version will serve you with unlimited features.

Precisely yes, you can utilize the elementor with the Builder in Flatsome theme to design and create any type of unique site.

No the UX builder and Live Page builder are not completely identical. Even though both are linked with each other’s features and syncs well but both are different in the end.

Conveniently any updates of the Flatsome theme will also upgrade in your purchased theme. Therefore, the latest update will ask for your permission so you can allow it to get automatic updates timely.

Flatsome WP Theme

Final Verdict on Flatsome Review

Nothing is as essential as the perfect WordPress theme suitable for the site. Therefore, the Flatsome theme is revolutionary versatile, and highly functional for any type of online site. Further, it is best compatible with mostly eCommerce sites as you can customize it and make your shop with complete reference.

Moreover, the Flatsome reviews already assured us that it is very convenient for using many elements for different purposes. Also if you don’t know much of the details about coding or set up the site perfectly in a short this theme will provide you with simple managing and codes builder feature. So we highly recommend you this WooCommerce integrated theme for developing a high quality, unique and attractive e-site.