avada theme review

If you want to beautify your website with design and other features for your visitors, then a WordPress theme can do that. So, are you looking for a multipurpose theme for your business site? Well, you can follow this WordPress Avada theme review.

Avada is one of the best themes in today’s time for its features and compatibility. Again, it’s a best-selling theme so far and has many certifications worldwide. If you are thinking about the features that make it so much accessible, you should follow this article.

In this review article, you will know about the Avada theme features update in detail, and you will also know who should use the theme. So, let’s start.

For whom is this product designed

As you have already known that the Avada is a multipurpose theme, and you can use it for any niche website creating. Again, you can open an online shop site because this theme supports the WooCommerce plugin.

It comes with different amazing demos, which will help you a lot. If you don’t know to code at all, this theme is for you because the customization of this theme is effortless, and the features of the theme have made this theme so popular.

Let’s see some unique features update for this fantastic multipurpose WordPress theme and determine why this is among the best themes.

Avada theme

Feature Update of Avada Theme

This theme comes with various features that are utterly amazing, and hopefully, everybody will love them. In this feature update section, you will get the full highlights for this theme, and after going through these features, you will understand why everyone calls it one of the best. Let’s have a quick look at the features-

  • Avada Theme Builder
  • Dynamic Content System
  • Fusion Theme and Page Option
  • Design Elements
  • Layouts and Pre-Built Demo
  • eCommerce Support
  • Gutenburg Optimized
  • Strong Privacy
  • Responsive and Optimized for SEO
  • Premium Plugin Support and Compatibility
  • Child Theme Compatibility

Avada Theme Builder

This is one of the best features so far for this theme. If you want to customize your theme according to your choice, then this fantastic feature will help you to do so. You can design any website with the help of this theme builder. This Avada theme builder will allow you to customize every portion of the Avada theme. Again, you don’t require any coding language for customizing your theme though this theme was built on high-quality coding.

The Avada theme builder works very smoothly and effectively. It can show you the visual changes and help you to build a unique website. You can also set names to your layouts so that you can edit multiple designs at a time. You can select Header, Content, Footer from this theme builder.

Avada Theme Builder Header

The efficient inline editing will also help you to see the instant of the visual change. The using process of the Avada theme builder is also straightforward and time-consuming. The new layout may get so much popularity that you can’t imagine. So, use this feature to create your design.

Avada Theme Builder Footer

Dynamic Content System

There are only a few themes that will allow you to update dynamic content, and luckily Adava is one of them. Yes, now you can update dynamic content by your new Avada WordPress theme. Do you know what is about this feature? Well, the dynamic content system is a system where you can see updating content. Like, if your visitors visit your website and hover over any text and the text will change dynamically. The Avada theme has the feature of updating dynamic content on your site.  So, what will it do after all? See, this feature will attract your visitors, and they will think positively about your website. Again, when you present a beautifully customized website, the trust issue of the visitors also increases.

The dynamic content system is one of the latest features for the modern time as every website is looking forward to wrapping this feature. So, why not you? Use this feature to make the website more amazing.

You can add some values to your dynamic content to earn the trust issue of your visitors. However, this is a cool feature to have with the Avada theme. We hope you won’t miss it.

Avada theme dynamic content

Fusion Theme and Page Option

This is the only theme that offers you a fusion theme and page option for creating new pages. Do you know what this feature means to the user? The fusion theme option allows you to customize the theme section, where you are going to add options. On the other hand, the fusion page option will allow you to set page settings by your choice.

However, you can change the background, header, footer, sidebars, and many more from fusion page options. Again, from the fusion theme option, you can customize- color, menu, logo, typography, etc.

Using a fusion theme and page option is extremely easy, and you don’t need to know any coding language. You can customize your theme and create a new page by yourself within a short time.

The Avada theme options are global, and they are flexible enough to use. There are 50 plus organized panels where you can operate live search options. The Avada can give you the full control of your site to look over it. So, decorate your site without taking any other help.

Design Elements

If you think you need to add a menu anchor on your site and don’t want to use any third-party page builder, what to do? You will be happy to know the Avada theme has come with 70 plus design elements with menu anchors and others.

With these design elements, there can be endless possibilities with your new site. You can edit your page visually, and it will be visible at an instant.  If you are still confused with the design elements that the Avada is going to offer, you should know the following.

  • You can add audio to your page.
  • Add a blog.
  • Buttons can be added.
  • If you want to add a chart, then it will also be possible.
  • Column, nested column, contact form7 are also included.
  • You will see counter boxes, counter circles, on the options.
  • The menu anchor will help you to add an anchor to your site.

As you see, there are endless possibilities with these design elements. That’s not the end where you can enjoy more design elements with this premium multipurpose theme.

Avada theme design element

Layouts and Pre-Built Demo

Now, talk about the layouts and pre-built demos that you will get from this popular theme. You will also enjoy the one-click demo importer feature from this theme. There are eight layout section elements to control the layout system.

You can build a layout for a single post site page or create a professional portfolio website layout. There are also many other options in layout elements where you will get more customization opportunities.

The pre-built demo of this theme will help you to create a beautiful looking website. There are twelve plus demos which are designed professionally. If you want to reduce your tasks, then you can use the demos at once.

We’ll suggest customizing the demo website for having a dashing outlook. The one-click to import demo will also help you a lot to choose the perfect one without losing so much time. The demo website is also straightforward to use with modern interference. You will also get WooCommerce support on the demo site, which will help you make an online shop. All the demos are optimized in such a way that they can show expended performance.

Avada theme layout & prebuilt

How To Choose and Import An Avada Prebuilt Website

eCommerce Support

This is one of the essential features to have in a multipurpose theme. If you are a businessman or want to open an online shop, you will need a website equipped with eCommerce functionality. If you’re going to add a payment gateway, then this will also be extremely easy, according to your region. An eCommerce theme is compatible with the WooCommerce plugin and so like our Avada theme as well. This theme is consistent with the latest version of WordPress and WooCommerce. Now, you can create an online shop to sell your products and services.  You can customize your online shop by yourself easily, as there is no need to code. Again, you can decorate the product dynamically, which will add extra glamour to your shop. So, you can choose the theme for its amazing eCommerce support.

Gutenburg Optimized

You may know a little about Gutenburg optimization if you are a new WordPress user. So, a Gutenberg optimized theme means to create blocks according to will. It allows us to build a high-performance website quickly and effectively. The site will be exceptionally smooth, and you will get easy access to your website.

The effortless editing will help you create new blocks from time to time, and the front-end will be developed according to the back-end editing/customizing. So, what’re the things you can add with the help of the Gutenburg optimization? They are-

  • Paragraphs
  • Headings
  • Quotes
  • Lists
  • Code
  • Shortcodes
  • Images
  • Buttons
  • Widgets
  • Columns
  • Galleries
Avada Gutenberg

I hope that you have understood the Gutenberg optimization for the WordPress theme. Only a few themes come with this Gutenberg optimization, and the Avada is one of them. The Gutenberg feature’s UI and UX features are also very well built and natural to use. So, don’t miss this feature.

Strong Privacy

This Avada wordpress theme comes with secure privacy for the users having some premium tools. These tools will help the user to secure their website and theme functionality. Let’s have a look at them

  • Custom registration messages
  • Google font management
  • Control tracking code consent
  • Control third party embeds
  • Customize privacy banner
  • Control contact form consent

These tools have different usability to secure your website. You can now control several options, which may lead your website insecure if you don’t control them. If you are using a third-party plugin, then the plugin’s activity should be at your control to track it.  Again, if you are running an analytics code on your site, and you need to monitor the system, then this theme has the self-built tools to follow. Unlike other themes, you can customize the privacy banner according to your need. The rest of the tools are also essential to maintain your website’s privacy, and you don’t need to use any third-party security system to secure the website.

Avada Theme Privacy tools

Responsive and Optimized for SEO

Nowadays, everyone has a smartphone to simplify their life, and they want every website and online services on their phone. So, you need to be genuinely concerned about people’s necessity and make your site usable. So, what is a responsive website? Well, a responsive website means to be running smoothly on a mobile or tablet like a computer. The website should be optimized in such a way that it can run in any inference. To do so, your theme should be responsive, and the Avada theme is one hundred percent responsive.

Avada responsive theme

You will find an option to preview in mobile and tablet mood to create an optimized page for all kinds of devices. This feature is significant if you think about the number of mobile users. So, use this feature and create a responsive website.   Then, what is SEO optimized? Everybody wants to see their website top on the search result, and that’s why they need to do SEO on their website. People also prefer the first-page consequence more than the other pages. So, your theme should be SEO optimized so that you can do SEO easily.  The Avada theme is SEO optimized, and it’s easy for you now to do on-page SEO. This feature of the theme will help you to get ranked on the search engine.

Child Theme Compatibility

The Avada theme comes with the child theme compatibility. So, what is a child theme? Well, if your WordPress theme has the compatibility of the child theme, then you can shift your current theme to another theme by not making any change in styling. 

For using the child theme, you need to know that you should have a child theme in your local storage and update that child theme anytime you want. For updating the child theme, your current theme needs to have compatibility.

It wasn’t possible to store the styling in the time of changing the theme before, but this is now possible with your Avada theme. If you are a developer, it will be a great way to speed up your theme functionality. This feature from the Avada theme is one of the best.

Other Features in Short

In this Avada theme review, there are many other features for this fantastic multipurpose theme. Let’s have a look at them-

  • You will get RTL support from this theme. RTL means right to left, and it is a vital feature to have. If you are from the middle east, you should know that you need to start writing from the right. There may be many other reasons to start from the left, and this RTL feature will allow us to do so.
Avada theme features
  • You are getting six premium plugins with this theme, which is tremendous. Again, all the popular plugins have compatibility with this theme. Contact form 7 is also included in this theme for you.
Avada Plugin WordPress
  • This Avada theme supports the multilingual feature, and for that, you need not worry about your geo-location and languages. Again, your customer can translate the website as their preferred language as the theme is translation ready.
  • You will get free update for a lifetime in this theme. Yes, once you purchase the theme after that, you will get lifetime support. If any bug appears, then update, or the developers may bring new features for this theme. You will get the update for a lifetime after purchasing for the first time.
Avada theme files updates
  • The Avada theme is tested for multisite and approved.
  • You will get ultra-high resolution from this theme, and it is Retinaready. It supports 1-6 columns, which are very unusual to get. You can have the parallax effect for every page in the same resolution.
  • Typography, fonts, and colors are updated with abundant resources.
  • You and your visitors can browse the site from any browser. This Avada theme is compatible with the latestbrowsers.
  • The built-in ReCaptchaprotection will help you to protect your site from spam. Again, you will get the opportunity to custom the Google map styling.
  • You will get a custom social media widget feature from this theme, which will allow you to make your site more realistic.
  • Multiple premium slider options will give you the chance to enjoy the features of slider builders. Now, it’s effortless to create a new slider with these premium sliders. You will get- 1. Revolution Slider Plugin, 2. Awesome Parallax Layer Slider Plugin, 3. Elastic Slider, and 4. FlexSlider 2.
  • You will get calendar, bbpress, and other third-party plugins compatibility with the full design integration.
Avada theme design

Avada Theme Review: Pros & Cons


  • Fully customizable and time-consuming
  • Fusion page building option offers you to make changes easily
  • Lifetime update support
  • Self-privacy tools ensure the security of the site
  • RTL supports with Retina ready display
  • Compatible with the latest version of WordPress and Plugins
  • Comes with a great outlook and varieties of pre-built websites
  • Advanced footer options are available to the custom footer section


  • It is a little slow in translation, and sometimes it can’t translate.


1. How do I Update my Avada theme?

– To update your Avada theme, you need to go to the Dashboard of your WordPress website. Click on the Theme from Appearance. Click on the Avada theme from there and click on the update for updating your theme if any update appears.

2. How do I uninstall a theme?

– To uninstall a WordPress theme, you need to go to the Dashboard first. After that, click appearance> Themes, and you will be sent to the theme section. To uninstall a theme, you need to change the theme if you are using it then. After changing, you need to click on the theme that you want to uninstall. Then click on the Delete option on the down right corner to delete the theme.

3. Is the Avada theme slow?

– According to the experience, the Avada theme’s demo is faster, but the actual theme is slow. You need not be a worry as for this present time, and the developer has fixed the speed issue. On-page speed optimization is one of the best optimizations.

4. How do I upload a child theme to WordPress?

– If your present theme is compatible with the child theme, then go to the theme dashboard and then click on the appearance. From the appearance, click on the theme and click on the upload theme option. After that, you will be able to upload the zip file of your child theme from your storage. After uploading the theme, you can activate the theme by clicking on ACTIVATE.

Avada Theme Review

Bottom line

I hope that you have got enough information from this Avada theme review and choosing to select this theme. This is the world’s leading theme to use for multipurpose, where you can build any kind of website you want.

Before starting with this WordPress theme, you need to fix your purpose to use that theme. If you are ready to build a premium website, then go for this fantastic theme. I hope you will make the most incredible website of yours by this WordPress theme, and best of luck to you.

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